Thursday, May 9, 2013

Culture = Donor Retention

A little bit more on the topic of improving donor retention by focusing on your internal culture. A recent survey, conducted by MSW Research,  discovered that employees ask themselves these three questions.
 1. Do I feel valued?
 2. Do I value the organization where I work?
 3. Do I feel I belong?

The responses to these questions become indicators regarding the engagement level of an organization's employees.

Any guesses on the results and how engaged employees really are?

If your environment looks anything like the above chart how could you possibly increase donor retention by focusing on increasing retention by a certain percent.

These findings are indeed sobering, however  if we peek into the DNA of an organization we may begin to see a correlation between employee satisfaction and donor retention. The level of an employee's engagement is impacted dramatically by feeling a number of key positive emotions ( inspired, enthusiastic, empowered, confident or valued).  70% of all surveyed felt at least one of these five key positive emotions, but only 12% felt three of them. Based on the number of positive emotions felt the findings looked like this:

What happens if employees feel negative emotions:

 To help understand the steps of designing a culture that creates donor retention check out the Donor Retention Boot Camp.  

Research & Charts: Dale Carnegie & MSW Research

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