Tuesday, October 29, 2013

You Can't Find A New Land With An Old Map

You can't find a new land with an old map
I was struck by a few recent experiences that painted an incredible picture of the challenges and opportunities in today's market place.

Several weeks ago I was sitting with a friend who has been in the business a very long time, we were discussing the level of job satisfaction for many professionals in our industry. We didn't see many challenges through the same lens at all. Our perspectives were completely different. At one point, with a bit of frustration he said Jay you have all the answers. To be fair I love a good intellectual debate fueled with passion about the business of philanthropy. However,  I am always seeking answers because I think that they are continually changing and in addition that our questions become stale. While doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity, it is equally insane to keep doing the same thing and expecting the same historical results. 

Last week I was captivated by this interview with Russell Brand. I was impressed with his ability to
stay on task and simply challenge the status quo. To begin conversations about new governing models was not what I was expecting to hear from this comedic actor. I encourage you to watch the clip from beginning to end, it wraps up with some how real powerful language. Now I am not on the same page with Russell regarding the need for a revolution for the philanthropic community, but there is great energy in passion. 

Putting these two experiences together helped me realize a couple things. While my friend could've been frustrated with me the biggest story is that the answers he has always known to be true are becoming less relevant in today's marketplace. The way we've done business over the last five decades will not address the unique challenges we face in today's marketplace.  Look around and study closely the “experts”, most of what is being sold is repackaged yesterday’s news.  Do you need to bring Russell's message into your organization?

Take a look at your own world. Are you measuring the same things that you did 10 years ago?  Are you always testing old assumptions? Over the next 4 weeks I am putting together several mini-sessions that give you the tools to challenge the status quo in your organization with new questions and new metrics that challenge decades of conventional wisdom.  If you are interested click here.

Russell Brand


  1. I'm looking forward to your mini-sessions, Jay, and will watch this video when I can take a bit of uninterrupted time to enjoy it.

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